Our President

The Hon. Walter Yuen, YPY (Nothing)

Third and Fourth President of The States of Night Town

Nothing is the third president in-office of The States of Night Town. He was the Speaker of The National Representatives for one year before he took the job of Acting president due to the resignation of President Bradley Tom. On 30 Jan 2021, he officially swore as the Third President at The Night Town City Hall.

Walter is a responsible and hard-working person. He has shown his talent and skills inside Night Town for a couple years. It is clear that he will lead Night Town to a beautiful future.


Apart from the current one, we do have people who have served as president before. They make huge changes to Night Town, and shapes what we see today.

The Hon. Samuel Yeung, HNT, YPY, MFO (Milk)

First President of The States of Night Town

Samuel Yueng is the first president and the man who started the States of Night Town. In his term, he made Night Town the first democratic country in Minecraft-HK History.

The Hon. Bradley Tom, YPY, CPC (Flyer)

Second President of The States of Night Town

Flyer is the first democratic elected president of The States of Night Town. He has contributed his efforts into the constitution of The States of Night Town and supported military development.


The Night Town President is democratically elected by all its citizens. Elections are held regularly and all eligible citizens may run for president. If you're interested in being one, then here's where you should get started.

Legal Documents

The Night Town election is governed by the following documents:

It is advised that all candidates must read through and fully understand them.

President Election Announcements from the Central Election Committee

These announcement contains dates and procedures for presidential election

Get Started

  1. Check!

    1. You must be a Night Town citizen. Details

    2. You did not convict any federal law. Check

    3. Right to participate in election was not deprived.

  2. Wait for an election. Election details are announced above. You may also follow our Facebook page for details.

  3. Once applications started (normally 20 days before election), fill in the application form here, and submit to the Central Election Committee.

  4. Wait for list of candidates to appear. They are also announced above. Now you can start your campaign. Not that campaigning is regulated by Election Act, and it is prohibited 3 days before election day.

  5. Voting! If you're elected, congratulations! If you aren't try again next time. Participate more in Night Town affairs, show you ability and you can succeed.


It is a serious offence, under both KCN General Rules and Night Town federal law, to spread rumours or fake news with the intention to make a candidate elected or not elected. Any form of bribing or threatening is also strictly prohibited. Together, we create a equal and fair election for all. For more details, visit KCN Law Enforcement.