Office of Medal Affairs

The Supreme Class

Hero of Night Town (HNT)

Civilian: Glory of the people, Glory of Night Town.

Military: Glory of the people, Glory of the Armed Forces.

Yeung Pak-Yiu Medal (YPY)

Long live democracy.

The Gold Class

Gold Orchid Star (GOS)

Medal for Bravery (BVY)

Bravery, Dignity, Honesty.

Star of Revolutionary Armed Forces (RAF)

For the one who has served honorably.

Chan Pak-chim National Safety Star (CPC)

Guardians and Warriors.

The Silver Class

Silver Orchid Star (SOS)

Star of The Army (ARM)

Star of The Air Forces (AIF)

Star of The Navy (NAV)

Medal For Victory (MFV)

Medal For Officials (MFO)

The Bronze Class

Bronze Orchid Star (BOS)


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