Ministry of Defense


Night Town Revolutionary Army is one of the strongest armies in the HKMC. With 600,000 active personnel, the NTRA provides military power for Night Town and its allies, protecting the country's interests.


Night Town Revolutionary Navy has a force with 6 active nuclear aircraft carriers, 10 Landing Helicopter Docks, 92 active and planned destroyers and a underwater force with 52 nuclear powered submarines. The NTRN provides a strong force for Night Town Forces completing mission overseas, and have a large number of overseas bases at Millenia, Spruce Republic, Kwong City, to name but a few.

Air Force

Night Town Revolutionary Air Forces has a active force of 250,000 personnel and 3,500 planes in active duty. As one of the most advanced forces in the community, NTRAIF is home for many advanced fighter jets and planes, such as R-33, R-35,N-2 E-35.

Space and Rocket Forces

The Revolutionary Space and Rocket Forces of Night Town is one of the most important unit in the Revolutionary Armed Forces. With 100,000 personnel, it is responsible for all land-based nuclear weapons for Night Town, and develop new technology for all other forces.


Night Town Revolution Marine Crops are responsible for all ceremonial duties and work with the Navy to land on opponent's land. With 100,000 active personnel, The Force work with Seadog Land Air Cushioned Craft and R-33S and are one of the strongest forces in the world.